David Rabin Introduces Cafe Clover

“I don’t know what, if anything, would convince me to open a nightclub right now.” Nightlife impresario David Rabin is sitting in the sun-drenched dining room of his new West Village restaurant, Cafe Clover, a few days shy of its opening. It’s the latest from Rabin, who emerged as a major nightlife player after opening Lotus in the Nineties. He lorded over the Meatpacking District, even at one point holding the title of president of the New York Nightlife Association, spending his administration lobbying against curfews and irritated neighbors. These days, he’s spending his time less nocturnally, focusing on The Lamb’s Club, the power lunch go-to favored by Midtown suits that he opened in 2010. He spends his nights at The Skylark, his other Midtown spot, a venue for fashion week parties. “It’s hard because I lose people between noon and 10 at night,” he says. “I really felt personally that I was missing a place to see people at dinnertime.”